About Kathy

Katherine Baker

Artist’s Statement

Kathy BakerMany years ago, I was teaching art in a high school with a beautiful, rural setting. In order to get a mid-day “recharge”, I would go for a lunch hour walk with some of my colleagues. I would rhapsodize daily about the amazing light qualities, when the sun broke through the (almost terminally present) clouds, and the great colour contrasts in fresh blooming pink dogwoods. After almost sixteen years of my sporadic outbursts about my surroundings, my long-time walking partner, Dave, turned to me one day, and said, “Kathy, you know I’m red-green colour-blind!”

I had an “aha moment” recently, after another escape from the dreary rains of the West Coast. I finally clued in to what I had been inspired by, and what has made me happy, my whole life. I love the tiny moments when the light comes out. I love saturated colour and texture. I am attracted to preserving the fleeting impressions of nature, childhood, and memory that come upon us as we soak up the sun, and regenerate from our busy lives.

For years, the driver behind the creation of my artwork was the need to create sample projects for the thousands of students that I taught. I dabbled in a bit of this, and a bit of that, working in many diverse mediums and subjects. It was one of my students who encouraged me to show and sell my work, and, so I have begun a new journey, to develop my own voice as an artist. I immerse myself in light, colour, and texture, through watercolour. I paint the moments I find in life, that pass too quickly, and that I wish to hold for longer. Sometimes the images are about the light on the landscape, sometimes a person captures my attention and just won’t let go. Regardless, I try to capture the “silver linings” from each day.